Savings and Investments

We offer different solutions for your specific needs.

Our core focus is, however, growing your income and/or capital along with the preservation of that wealth.

Orchard is proud to be able to offer a variety of external and in house managed investment and pension portfolios, specifically designed and tailored to meet your requirements.

Our sophisticated approach provides you (or more importantly) your assets with a systematic, risk controlled environment, married to your individual risk profile or requirement(s).

Asset management is at the heart of what we do.

This translates as delivering what you want from us, along with the overriding consideration of mitigating your risk.

Relationship Management:

Here at Orchard we offer a valuable service to both new and existing clients.

We manage your financial assets regularly and pride ourselves in being extremely proactive. We take advantage of the modern platform approach in delivering our service but can also provide a bespoke solution if desired. Our goal is to establish a long term working relationship with you


Benefits of the platform approach:

  • Investments are regularly analysed to ensure that your chosen risk related strategy is monitored, reviewed and constantly adjusted or altered whenever necessary.

  • Regular reporting, including valuations and portfolio rebalancing/adjusting.

  • A single consolidated view of your investments.

  • Online 24hr access to valuations, performance, analysis and information.

  • Choice of tax wrappers to maximise the tax efficiency of your portfolio.

  • Less paperwork and more simplified administration.

  • Huge selection of investment funds - over 2,000 – allowing true diversity and avoids the “all your eggs in one basket” syndrome.

  • Value for money – our charging structure reflects a wholly unbiased financial advisory process not linked to financial products, transactions or promotions. Fund switching is free of charge, meaning any alterations we may recommend are solely for your benefit.

  • The ability to react to changing personal or market circumstances promptly when necessary.

  • This portfolio platform approach has revolutionised the financial management process consolidating everything from pensions to ISAs to Bonds (and others) to one focal point.

  • By simplifying the process of diversifying and monitoring your holdings via our in house Portfolio range, our aim is to maximise your returns whilst minimising your overall risk.

Pensions and Retirement


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